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KBSI Perspective
If you want to know why the U.S. Post Office is having trouble, just take a look at the future with Amazon and the company’s new intentions for package delivery.  First of all, last year Amazon announced a plan to start using drones to speed up merchandise to your home or other destinations.  Now Jeff Bezos has something new on the horizon.  The company has a patent on what it calls “anticipatory shipping.”  Big Brother is really watching us.  The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Amazon is going to box and ship packages from their warehouse from information gleaned from the customers’ previous purchases and that will happen before the customer even places an on-line order.  Here is what they plan to use collected from previous data from an existing  customer.  Previous orders, product searches, wish lists, shopping care contents, returns, and a few other online shopping practices.  Accordingly, delivery times will be cut and there are plans in the works to expand the warehouse network.  There will be some overnight and even same-day deliveries.  There is no official start date on the drones and new shipment procedures but one thing is certain, the Post Office will continue to take big hits if this becomes the norm.Amazon's Futuristic Shipping


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