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KBSI Perspective

I would be remiss if I didn't give my perspective on the recent passing of boxer Rubin Hurricane Carter.  He was idolized in a movie and praised by celebrities for his wrongful conviction by a corrupt and racist system.  Even Bob Dylan wrote and performed a song about Hurricane.  I remember Carter when he was an up and coming star in the ring.  As a young man, I followed boxing and Hurricane was just that.  His nickname served him well.  When I started hearing about his prowess in the ring, he had already had spent a total of ten years in various jails and prisons.  He stole a watch and cash from a guy and then broke a bottle over his head.  He was quoted as putting a gun in his pocket each morning like others put in a wallet.  He bragged that he and his buddies used to fight on the streets and shoot at people.  He stated he knocked out a horse with one punch.  In 1966, Carter was convicted, along with an accomplice, of murdering three people.  He was granted a new trial in 1976 but was sent back to prison after the jury upheld the conviction.  That is where the system broke down.  Released from prison after 19 years he became a spokesperson for the wrongfully convicted.  He did lead an exemplary life when he came back into society but in the early years Carter was a problem.  Hollywood was not truthful in the portrayal.   We hope our court system is fair but that is not always the case.  Hurricane Carter was mistreated by the system but when he went into that trial back in 1966 he had made a name for himself outside of the ring and it wasn't a pretty sight.  The best thing for all of us to remember is to do what we can to not to get into the system.

Rubin Hurricane Carter


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