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KBSI Perspective
So here we go again. James Holmes, the 25 year old nut who shot and killed 12 people last July in the Aurora, Colorado theatre wanted to plead guilty, take a life without parole in a maximum security prison but that is not good enough. The district attorney wants the death sentence. As Holmes court appointed attorneys said a couple of weeks ago, the guilty plea offer could have ended prolonged legal maneuvering and save the taxpayers millions of dollars. Now they will go for the insanity defense. If Holmes does get the death penalty after all the courtroom antics, millions will be spent on appeals. It will cost all of us taxpayers as Holmes moves through the system for the next 15 to 20 years before he is executed. Defense attorneys are already pushing for delays and longer deadlines, according to news reports. Even one of the people shot three times in the attack believes the death penalty is not right. Pierce O’Farrill said, “I am planning to have a family and the thought of having to look back and reliving everything at that point is my life, it would be difficult.” Let me be clear about this one. I have no concern about the death penalty, it is strictly the cost and time. Proving an insanity defense will be an uphill battle for Holmes. In my perspective we would all be better off by locking up murderers and throwing away the keys. But, for some reason, it just isn’t good enough. We need to drag it out for possibly a couple of decades, bog down the court system and spend millions unnecessarily. Tell me the death penalty scares anyone out of murder and I will tell you that you are wrong.Aurora Death Penalty Plea


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