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KBSI Perspective
The first annual Color Me Cape 5K run was held on Saturday, April 12 in downtown Cape Girardeau and you talk about a fun event this one had it all.  More than 2100 people decided to run through the various colors to the delight of the friends and family who came to watch.  It was not a competitive race, just a great time.  The proceeds went to support the Howard Aslinger Foundation, Discovery Playhouse, and the Safe House from Women. I was pleased that Fox 23 was able to be a sponsor and with a turnout of thousands, you can expect the Color Me Cape 5K to return next year.  It’s not over.  Get ready for Tunes and Twilight which starts every Friday night in May and will continue through June and back in August and September.  Once again, Fox 23 and My 49 will be one of the sponsors.  Something needs to be pointed out here.  We compete with other media but our partnerships  with our competitors significantly improves what we do for the lifestyle of our communities..  The absolute best newscast, in my perspective, in our viewing area is on Fox 23 at 9 p.m. every night.  However, it is produced by our news partner KFVS12.  You won’t find a better newscast in Missouri, Kentucky, or Illinois.  We also partner with Rust Communications and the Southeast Missourian bringing readers the televisions listings during the week and on Sundays.  We partner with exceptional radio stations throughout our viewing area tying in with many special events in various communities.  I would be remiss if I didn’t personally thank Cousin Carl from Pure Country 106.1 for having me on his morning show on numerous occasions.   We all compete but in fairness the viewers, listeners, and readers are the beneficiaries of the consistent participation of great media partners working together.Partnerships in the Media


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