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KBSI Perspective
You knew it was coming; e-cigarettes are starting to get the heat from health organizations to be regulated.  The concern is to stop a whole new generation of youngsters from becoming addicted to nicotine.  The American Heart Association has come out stating, “…that e-cigarettes which contain nicotine but not tobacco, serve as a ‘gateway’ drug to addict young people who may go on to regular cigarettes or smokeless tobacco.”  The problem is the flavors offered by the vapor cigarettes.  You name the candy or bubble gum flavor and you can get your fix with nicotine added by vapor.  The Food and Drug Administration has been on the manufacturer’s case since spring.  According to an article recently in USA Today, about 24 million young people have seen e-cigarette marketing.  The AHA was quoted two weeks ago.  “We are fiercely committed to preventing the tobacco industry from addicting another generation of smokers.”  I have a family member who smokes and I actually purchased him an e-cigarette.  What I found out was he vapored all the time.  Sometimes, he vapored non-stop for more than an hour. You can’t tell me that using a device like an e-cigarette excessively is not just as bad as smoking regular cigarettes.  Of course, I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on television but regulation of some type might help.  It could start with no sales to minors and adding warning labels.  What do you think?E-cigarette Regulation


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