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KBSI Perspective
There was an old television statement years ago around the country that came on in prime time.  You might remember it.  It’s nine o’clock…do you know where your children are?”  I don’t hear that one anymore, although it’s not a bad idea.  There is a new worry now about our four legged friends. How about, “It’s nine o’clock…do you know what your dog has been eating today.” It seems that the number of dogs ingesting marijuana-infused products such as brownies and cookies is rising significantly in those states where pot has been legalized.  I’m trying to keep a straight face here but it is a problem.  Humans can metabolize marijuana in a few hours but that is not the case, according to a veterinary teaching hospital in Colorado. “We see dogs stoned out of their minds for days.  They’re a mess.  The pot goes into cookies and butters.  Dogs love that stuff and they won’t eat just one.”  According to an article in USA Today a couple of weeks ago intoxicated dogs in Colorado have been on the rise since the state legalized medical marijuana back in 2000.  On lady took her dog into the vet after he started stumbling, couldn’t walk, and his eyes were glazed over.  She challenged the vet that he gave her a wrong diagnose of the illness.  When she went home she found the dog had torn into a heavy duty plastic bag of marijuana snack mix she stored under her bed.  The cost of saving the dog, $3,000.  I guess the message is clear.  Marijuana brownies and cookies should be locked up just like guns.  It’s not a joke. Stop laughing.Dogs and Marijuana


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