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KBSI Perspective
If you are a few years past 50 you probably remember where you were when you first heard President John F. Kennedy was shot. This week marks 50 years of the assassination and it amazes me that time passes so quickly. My story was simple; I was in an economics classroom at the time at the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio. We had a one armed professor who could do more with one arm than all of us with two arms. He was writing on the blackboard at the time when the janitor walked in and whispered in his ear. The professor nodded and then went back to his lecture writing on the blackboard at the same time. About two minutes later he turned to the class and said, “Oh, by the way. Bob the janitor just told me President Kennedy was shot to death this afternoon in Dallas. And, if you think about it, that will probably have an effect economically on the United States.” He never broke stride and kept us the entire hour discussing economics. For the next 40 minutes he never brought Kennedy’s name up again. I have always wondered what would have happened if Kennedy had remained in office. Would we he have escalated the war in Viet Nam? Would he have won re-election in 1964? If he had lived and served a second term would brother have Bobby succeeded him in 1968? Would Nixon have been elected President over Bobby? No answers are available, of course, but five decades later we still are trying to determine whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. It’s hard to believe it’s been fifty years. Wow!JFK: 50 Years


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