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KBSI Perspective
The state of Michigan has introduced a House Bill that would allow medical marijuana in brownies and other non-smoked forms of the drug legal. This all comes about because of an arrest two years ago of a man who had brownies in his car with marijuana extract. The brownie mix without the marijuana weighs much more than 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana allowed by law. But the mix is currently counted as marijuana weight. The Detroit Free Press reported last week than more than 100,000 Michigan residents are approved for medical marijuana but many patients rely on “medibles.” That is the nickname for health foods and extracts that use cannabis. Right now, smoking is really the only proper use in Michigan for users. One lady reported to the newspaper that she uses it in lotion form and it reduces pain in her joints. The same lady who doesn’t smoke it said medical marijuana has allowed her to stop taking pain pills for her back and she no longer has to use blood pressure medicine. If House Bill 5104 passes in Michigan police and prosecutors can no longer count the weight of the brownies, lotion base, candy, or other inactive substance used as a delivery system against the 2.5 ounce limit. According to the sponsor of the bill many children use medical marijuana medibles because smoking is irritating to young lungs. Makes sense to me, what do you think?Michigan Medical Marijuana Law


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