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KBSI Perspective
With nearly 800,000 people having a stroke in this country every year, the timing is right for all of us to learn more about what to do if you are a victim. I am an old guy and the chances of my having a stroke over someone twenty years younger than I am are significant. First, the definition of a stroke is when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is blocked by a clot or bursts. It might be a rupture in the blood vessel. The president of the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association said in news reports last week that, “The sooner the treatments are administered the less the brain injury.” Here is a chart which shows the stroke percentage chance of those in various age brackets. Look how the percentage triples between the ages of 40-59 compared to 60-79. A recent study of 200,000 stroke patients found that at least a third did not use an ambulance to get to the hospital. Those that did use an ambulance averaged earlier treatment from the first symptoms by as much three hours as those who drove themselves to the hospital or had someone take them. Calling an ambulance at the first sign of slurred speech, lack of motor control, or the ability to recognize what is happening is extremely important. The EMS team can start treatment before going to the hospital. Don’t sleep on the problem to see if you feel better tomorrow. Believe it or not if the treatment is early enough our brain is able to recover and relearn. Call an ambulance, it’s important.Stroke Awareness


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