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KBSI Perspective
Currently 32 states permit the death penalty and last year, after countless millions of dollars of taxpayers money being, in my perspective wasted, the system executed only 39 inmates.  OK, so you are saying at this point, so what?  Let me introduce to you another problem with the death penalty sentence and why is should be abolished.  Meet Freddie Lee Hall who has spent more than 35 years on death row in Florida.  Mr. Hall and his buddy, forced a 21 year old pregnant woman into their car in front of a supermarket in 1978.   She was beaten, assaulted, and shot to death.  Hall was convicted and sentenced to be executed.  Here is the difficult situation.  The United States Supreme Court stated in 2002 that if a person is mentally retarded states should prohibit executions.  The Court, however, did not give any structure as to who qualifies as being mentally ill.  Florida says it is a strict 70 IQ but now the there is a question in front of the court asking whether there could be a plus or minus situation.  Mr. Hall is just slightly above the rigid cutoff.  So, once again, we go to the Supreme Court to do battle with right and wrong on technicalities.  Get this, the last ten people in Florida who were executed spent an average of 24.9 years on death row.  The legal costs continue to escalate.  It’s time to abolish the death penalty.  The Cost of the Death Penalty


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