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KBSI Perspective
Many years ago a broadcasting friend of mine stopped very late at an ATM after work and inserted his card into the machine to get a few bucks.  Before he completed the transaction from his car he felt a gun barrel to his head and a robber stole the money.  He was shaken up by the ordeal but other than never going to an ATM late at night his life went on as normal.  Cornealious Mike Anderson is in prison in Charleston, Missouri for robbing someone while making a night deposit in St. Charles back in 1999 and was sentenced to 13 years in prison.  Due to clerical errors and miscommunication the Missouri Department of Corrections thought he was serving time.  In 2013, he was released.  Oh, wait, he never was in prison.  There was a huge mistake.  He was told to wait to report but they forgot him to tell him when.  He was arrested last July and is now serving his sentence but is trying to get out.  In the last 13 years, the man has married, fathered four children, established a career as a carpenter and built his own home.  He lived a law abiding life, paid taxes, never tried to change his name or flee the state.  His crime was committed at 22 years of age.  I saw the network interviews this past week and the man is articulate, remorseful and has been behind bars now for nine months.  It’s going to take Governor Jay Nixon to give him clemency or to commute his sentence, something Nixon has done only once.  In my perspective, Governor Nixon needs to step in and get Cornealious Mike Anderson out of the system.  His family needs him and he rehabilitated himself in the past 13 years.  How about parole?  What do you think?Cornealious "Mike" Anderson


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