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KBSI Perspective
Several months ago, a network television interview with singer Glen Campbell was an eye opener about the effects of Alzheimer’s. His children were in the band and Campbell sang his songs with the help of a teleprompter on the floor. He played one of his older hits and when the music finished, he started right up again playing the same song. His daughter, Ashley, gently reminded him that he had just performed that song. He seemed stunned. Campbell is 77 and was diagnosed two years ago with the progressive brain disease that affects five million people and the more than 15 million people who care for them. On, Friday of this week, Fox 23 and My 49 along with 100.7 KGMO will host The Longest Day, a sunrise to sunset caregiver phone bank in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Association St. Louis Chapter. For 16 hours straight staff and volunteers will man the toll free bank to answer questions, provide information and give support to the countless caregivers who face this disease every day. A few years ago, a flyer was on my front doorstep with a picture of an elderly gentleman who lived around the corner. It said if you see this man on the street call these numbers immediately, he has Alzheimer’s. The prognosis for this disease is not good with estimates that the numbers could grow from five to 16 million in the next few decades. We all have to do what we can to get control of this disease and it starts by participating this Friday, The Longest Day, a sunrise to sunset relay event. As Glen Campbell is robbed of his past memories every day he will be remembered by millions of fans and I am one of them.Alzheimer's Association Longest Day


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