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KBSI Perspective
News reports last week state that speeding, especially young men driving with other teens at night is still one of our country’s biggest problems when it comes to fatal crashes. According to an article in USA Today and a study done by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association fatal teen crashes have moved up from 30% in 2000 to 33% in 2011. The report goes on to say that half the fatal crashes involving 16 year old drivers with three or more passengers are speed related. Years ago, my 16 year old daughter gave me one of those parental shocks that come about every so often. It was a fall Saturday night in a college town about 20 miles from where we lived. I specifically told her not to drive to the college town due to traffic congestion on a football weekend. Several hours later, I was at a red light at the main intersection and watched her speed through the green light with three other girls in a top down sports car. She was driving. I made it through those teen years with her and now she has five kids. It won’t be long before she starts facing those teen age driving problems. The Governor’s report says there are several things that can reduce teen-age fatalities. Graduated drivers license restrictions on nighttime driving and teen passengers, don’t buy a 16 year old a car where they are more likely to speed, parents should buy larger and newer cars that are not high performance, and monitor driving habits very closely. Makes sense to me. What is your perspective?Teenage Speeding


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