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KBSI Perspective
More than 1300 executions have taken place in this country since 1976 when Gary Gilmore uttered his famous line before a Utah firing squad stating, “Let’s do it.” Texas did not reinstate the death penalty until 1982 but of the 1300 who have been executed the state of Texas has reached 500 or almost 40%. The latest was 52 year old Kimberly McCarthy who was put to death for beating and fatally stabbing her 71 year old neighbor. Executions for women are infrequent but Texas still has ten more women on death row. Here’s the deal. 32 states have the death penalty on the books. Virginia is second to Texas but is 400 executions behind the Lone Star State. It only took 16 years to execute McCarthy and a few million dollars spent in the legal system for appeals. That money is coming out of the pockets of all of us. There are enough factions in this country to hold up executions for years. California can take twenty years. A person on death row can cost more than double that of a regular inmate just because of added security. Add in the appeal process and this country is in a legal financial mess. I don’t care that Kimberly Clark was finally executed for a crime that was horrific but life without parole makes sense to me, especially when it comes with the unnecessary, wasteful spending of our tax dollars.Cost of Exectutions


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