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KBSI Perspective
It’s been many years ago, but I remember driving my first born home from the hospital while he was taking formula from a bottle. About two blocks from the hospital he started to choke. It scared my wife and I to death watching this little eight pounder try to get his breath. Lucky for us everything was OK. Last week in Pediatrics magazine a study said that more than 12,000 children each year under the age of 14 are treated at hospitals for non-fatal choking incidents. Of those that are taken to the hospital about 10% have to undergo a bronchoscopy. This is a serious and very invasive procedure to remove food from the airwaves. USA Today, along with Pediatrics magazine published a list of the top choking hazards for children and for parents of young kids it is a good reminder. Number one on the list with 16% of the problems is hard candy, followed by other types of candy, meat not including hotdogs which many times leads to fatal choking, bones, and fruit and vegetables. About eighty kids under the age of 10 die annually from eating hot dogs. Doctors say if there is one food that is perfectly designed to plug the airway of a child it is a hot dog. Children under four should have their food cut up into very small pieces. My advice for my children who have eight children is simple, no hard candy and no hot dogs. What do you think?Choking Hazards


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