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KBSI Perspective
I grew up watching commercials like that one. As a teenager in cold, snowy Ohio for many months a year it was great to get into the sun. One of my favorite actors, Roy Scheider, from Jaws fame always had that year round tan. He died from melanoma in 2005. As you get older your concern about being in the sun wanes somewhat. But now we have some new statistics that are alarming coming to us from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those tanning beds with ultraviolent lights are coming closer and closer to being linked to melanoma. Last week the report said 29% of white high school girls are using tanning beds. Talk about a lucrative business. There are about 20,000 tanning salons in the country with annual sales reaching $5 billion. The CDC says girls 14 and under have used tanning beds. At least six states have banned minors and Illinois is one of the six. I wish I would have been smarter about the sun in those early days but I didn’t get much for about six months a year up north. However, guys my age had so many sunburns in the teen years that skin cancer for men over the age of 50 has literally skyrocketed. Technology has opened the door for the all year tan. Mothers tell your daughters that this isn’t the way they will want to look when they get older using tanning beds.Melanoma and the Sun


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