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KBSI Perspective
For the past couple of years, I have watched a testimonial commercial about receiving the shingles vaccine. The guy had me asking my doctor about whether I should get it. One of my doctors said,” let me make this clear, Mike, no and I mean heck no.” I changed doctors for another reason recently and when I discussed the vaccine with the new physician, he said you are not leaving the office without it. He was emphatic that it was very important at my age. I believed him and received the vaccine. I have heard all the stories about vaccines and autism but growing up I remember the measles epidemic. That disease killed about 500 people every year and another 48,000 were hospitalized. In 1963 the vaccine was introduced and measles just about went away. Now we have an outbreak that is tied to a congregation linked to the Kenneth Copeland Ministries called Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, Texas. One member traveled to Indonesia, became infected and brought it back to more than 20 people including a four month old. An on line statement for the Copeland Ministries says the group advocates faith healing and advises people to first seek the wisdom of God and then appropriate medical attention in matters of health. A couple of hundred people are infected. By the way measles is so contagious 90% of people who are not immune to the disease or have been vaccinated against it will get it. Sorry, but I am a vaccine guy. I don’t believe there is a tie between early childhood vaccines and autism. Health officials agree with me. What do you think?Shingles Vaccine


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