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KBSI Perspective
I consider myself a decent writer, not because I did well in school but because my broadcasting job forced me to write with clarity and to do it under pressure. For some time I have wondered if this smart phone which is now in the hands of millions of teenagers is really too smart and is dumbing down the way young people write. You can’t tell me that abbreviated texting does not play into the drop in writing test scores that were announced recently by the College Board which administers the SAT scores. Reading scores fell to an all-time low since the data became available in 1972. Writing scores are the lowest since writing was added to the test in 2006. Math scores remain unchanged. Here’s a sample of what I am talking about. If you saw this on a text (PWOMS) what did I just say? Parents watching over my shoulder. How about r u da? Are you there? Here is another one TLK2UL8R. Look long enough and you will get it. Talk to you later. I Googled texting abbreviations and there are thousands of them. Many are not fit to announce on television. I realize that texting is here to stay with the popularity of Twitter, instant messaging, email, chat rooms and others but you can’t fool and old teacher like me. It is having a derogatory effect on writing and reading skills with our young people. Our schools need to spend more time in the classrooms teaching writing skills. Something is wrong and with all the technology that changes every day we need to get back to the basics especially when it comes to writing.Texting & Test Scores


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