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KBSI Perspective
Until a couple of weeks ago the term thigh gap really meant nothing to me. Then the National Eating Disorders Association raised a major concern. Social media is playing a huge role with teenage girls and young women to pursue weight loss to achieve this so-called thigh gap. Some of the most exceptionally thin models have the gap. Most people who stand with their feet together have their thighs touch but very small percentages have thighs so slim that they don’t come together. The problem relates heavily on the intrusion of social media. Apparently, young women who spend a significant amount of time on Facebook and other sites have a greater chance of developing a negative body image. I looked at the internet and found various blogs that either promoted or discussed the thigh gap. Eating disorder experts have a right to be uneasy. Achieving this is near impossible for the average person. In addition to being skinny you also have to be wide hipped. A treatment expert was quoted as saying, “The important distinction about the thigh gap is it gives you an actual visual to achieve, this visual comparison of how your body does or doesn’t stack up.” Eating disorders are dangerous. If you believe you have a family member or friend in trouble there is help. Try www.Proud2BMe.org. Don’t wait. Timing is critical with eating disorders.The Thigh Gap


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