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KBSI Perspective
Teachers face unusual challenges every day. I spent enough years in the classroom to know. I remember a marketing class of mine where 9 of 13 senior girls became pregnant during the year. Another student came into class and announced that she had dinner the night before with Hugh Hefner and would be on the cover and foldout of Playboy and it happened. Now we find that a dispute over breast cancer bracelets just might go to the United State Supreme Court. Middle school students in 2010 were suspended in Easton, Pennsylvania for wearing bracelets designed to promote breast cancer awareness. The students were warned not to wear them as the comment on the bracelet might be considered offensive. Since that time the American Civil Liberties Union has said they will back at least three lawsuits about the bracelet bans by schools in the United States. Look, I have commented on this situation before. The middle school principal was right in his decision to ban the bracelets. The attorney was quoted last week in USA Today saying the intent of the school district is to discourage “the sexualization of clothing and attire and to keep the kids focused on learning.” The Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s decision in favor of the girls and the bracelets. The lawyer for the schools disagrees because he said they took away the district’s right to enforce its own policy. It might be a good cause but, sorry, I’m with the schools on this one…what do you think?Breast Cancer Bracelets in Courts


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