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KBSI Perspective
I am one of those guys who say an aspirin a day will keep the doctor away. By that I mean, the cardiac doctor. After my dad died suddenly at 56, I started taking a baby aspirin. Of course, that evolved into an 81 milligram low dose aspirin. I am not a doctor so make sure you check this one out with your health professional. New research in the news last week points to just how you take aspirin makes a big difference. Apparently, if you take the aspirin before retiring at night you have a better chance of not having a heart attack or stroke in the morning. The aspirin does not lower your blood pressure but it does lower platelet activity. At a recent conference of the American Heart Association, the author of the study said, “Platelet activity is highest in the morning, and that is also the time most heart attacks and strokes occur. So if you reduce platelet activity during the morning hours, you might reduce heart attacks and strokes at the same time.” Remember, about 600,000 people are killed annually in this country by heart attacks. I’m going to check with my doctor but that low-dose aspirin I take daily is probably now going to be taken at night. What do you think?Aspirin & Heart Attacks


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