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KBSI Perspective
99% of the time, police officers work diligently to protect and serve. But, as in all segments of the population, there are a few bad apples. Unfortunately, some Chicago police officers have crossed an interrogation line. Last week, after more than 30 years behind bars for confessing to a rape charge, Stanley Wrice was let out of prison and granted a new trail. For three decades he stuck to his story that he was beaten up by police with a flashlight and a 20 inch rubber hose until he confessed. Wrice was set free when a judge agreed that the officers lied about the way they treated Wrice. Lt. Jon Burge of the Chicago Police went to prison for four years in 2011 for allowing officers under his command to mistreat prisoners. You don’t think poor police actions cost the tax payers money? Chicago has already paid out more than $80 million dollars over the years in torture cases. Right now Illinois judges are determining whether or not there could be a class action lawsuit and if that happens the total payout to at least two dozen prisoners who were mistreated could rise significantly. Some of those involved are still in prison. We count on our police departments for unbiased leadership and, thankfully, almost always that is exactly what we get. Chicago Police were on the national stage at the 1968 Democratic convention and they failed miserably on television in front of the nation. You would think the leadership would have learned a lesson about contolling the small percentage of rogue cops but apparently it didn’t sink in. Let’s hope the right lessons have now been learned.Rouge Cops In Chicago


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