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KBSI Perspective
I knew I was old when news media reports announced that this is 50th year anniversary of the Surgeon General’s report which stated tobacco causes lung cancer.  How the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can track the saving of eight million lives in 50 years, I am not sure but they stand by the number.  Get this, in 1964 we all smelled of tobacco smoke with 42% of the adult population having the habit.  If you are a non-smoker or a convert you know a smoker when you are next to them or in a public place that allows it.  New statistics from the CDC says the percentage of smokers has now dropped to 18% of adults smoking, a big difference.  The CDC director in a recent editorial said, “Tobacco control has been described, accurately, as one of the great successes of the 20th century.”  Quite frankly, it is scary that tobacco can cause a third of the heart attacks and raises the risk of 14 different types of cancer.  I had a business acquaintance who was a heavy smoker and he got bladder cancer.  He doesn’t smoke now and when I asked him if they could pinpoint the cause, his doctor said it was directly related to smoking.  That one surprised me.  USA Today in a research article says tobacco killed 100 million people worldwide during the 20th century.  100 million people are you kidding me and people still smoke.Surgeon Generals Report - 50 Years Later


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