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KBSI Perspective
Sometimes celebrities can get things done that we mere mortals can’t.  Usually it is on a global scale.  Celebrity power sometimes amazes me and other times it is downright scary.  I never was a Ray-Ban sunglass fan but when Tom Cruise put them on in Top Gun millions of them flew off the shelves.  Now comes Matt Damon who has thrown his power into another cause.  In Switzerland last week Damon was a speaker to the World Economic Forum.  His cause, clean water.  News reports quoted Damon stating, “It is just so unthinkable to those of us who grew up in America or Canada that anybody would ever lack access to clean water.”  In fairness, Matt should take a close look at the problems in West Virginia.  The company spilling chemicals into the water had not been inspected since 1991 and things certainly got out of control.  However, the water problem worldwide is terrible with almost one billion people lacking safe water.  And, to make matters worse, 2.5 billion people, that’s a third of the world’s population don’t have regular access to sanitation facilities.  At least 3 children have died from the lack of clean water and sanitation since I started this Perspective.  Water.org with co-founder Matt Damon is trying to do something about it.  Thanks, Matt.  Some celebrities should take your lead.  Maybe it’s time for Justin Bieber to get the message.  Nah…not going to happen.Matt Damon & Clean Water


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