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KBSI Perspective
Years ago, I got on the supplement craze.  It started with vitamin E and then I added a multi-vitamin.  That has now changed today to three expensive morning “male only” vitamins and an expensive Omega 3.  Several years back, I dumped the vitamin E after the news media told me it might not be very productive to overall health and actually could hurt me in the long run.  Now the media has me all messed up with a report last week from the U.S. Preventative Task Force.  Let me quote directly from an article.  “Consumers should not take beta-carotene or vitamin E to prevent heart disease or cancer because vitamin E doesn’t work and beta-carotene increases the risk for lung cancer in people at high risk of the disease.”  That means smokers.  One of my family members makes his living selling expensive vitamin and mineral supplements to health food stores.  This is a $28 billion dollar industry and, according to this task force, most vitamin and mineral supplements, alone or even is some type of combination has no positive effect whatsoever in preventing cancer or heart disease.  I know that I spend a couple of thousand dollars a year on supplements and now there is no convincing evidence of them either helping or hurting me.  An editorial that ran in a journal called Annals said most consumers are wasting their time and money with supplements.  Everyone says more research is needed but now I am concerned that all of this has been for naught.  I would like to hear from you on this one.  What do you think?Vitamin Supplements


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