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KBSI Perspective
I still am perplexed by the amount of student debt we have in this country.  Ok, I am an old guy and thanks to a basketball scholarship I graduated without debt way back in time.  In fact, I was unaware of anyone who graduated from a four year university who had any debt.  We worked away through school with jobs, or many just didn’t to college.  We have all by now read the headlines screaming about students graduating with $100,000 in debt.  That only makes up about 1% of those graduating.  But, two-thirds of students graduating from college today will have some level of debt, according to a recent article in Forbes Magazine.  The average borrower will be $26,000 in the red upon graduation.  Student loans are about 6% of the overall national debt.  Students now owe way over $1.2 trillion.  I recently read a story about a student in North Dakota that took all of his friends out to a pizza party using a MasterCard that was only to be used for educational purposes.  I certainly am aware that a few have abused student loan credit cards buying clothes and cars but if this country doesn’t get a handle on this problem right now today’s graduates won’t have a chance.  And, don’t think the problem is only in the four year colleges.  Recent statistics show that 38% of two year college students graduate with debt.  Look, colleges and universities are under pressure now more than ever to deliver and I still believe that education is the best investment in your future.  However, it is time for all of us collectively to figure out how to pay for our future financial success.Student Loan Debt


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