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KBSI Perspective
The ham radio operators across the United States are having a problem with their signals.  The issue can be summed up in two words, marijuana growers.  Just when you think you have heard it all on the subject of marijuana something new comes to light…no pun intended.  The powerful lights that grow weed can emit interference, blocking radio broadcasts on the ham and AM spectrums.  In an article in USA Today, a ham operator found it difficult to communicate with his friends across the country so he developed a device to find out why.   You guessed it; the situation comes from the growers in the 22 states and in the District of Columbia where much of the marijuana is produced inside rather than outdoors.  The country has 720,000 licensed ham radio operators and they are trying to do something about it with the federal government.  A formal complaint has been filed.  I am not a technician with lighting in any manner but the problem is with the ballasts, the electronic systems that control the lighting.  They have to be shielded or they cause an interference.  Hey, you know, I really don’t care about the interference to ham radio or AM signals, just as long as the television signal is not affected.  I know that you…buzzzz!Ham Radio Difficulties


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