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KBSI Perspective
I knew how important a college education would be to my future.  My parents struggled to meet daily expenses.  An underpaid police officer and an hourly office worker didn’t cut it when it came to having an extravagant lifestyle. My summer jobs during my college years continued to open my eyes.  I worked side by side with older family guys emptying railroad box cars at a supermarket warehouse.  We all cringed when the charcoal cars came in.  It took three days just to get the black dust out of your eyes and mouth.  Making ketchup during tomato season 12 hours per day with a seven day week at minimum wage in a hundred degree factory also didn’t agree with me.  I did that one for two summers.  I will leave the national brand out of it but I don’t eat much ketchup after watching the process.  OSHA has cleaned up a lot of the working conditions.  Now the government, after mulling over four decades of data said something I knew long ago, the gap between wages for college graduates and those without a degree is at an all-time high.  Here is the problem.  The average wages for workers with no college degree has declined.  Those that don’t invest in college will continue to fall behind financially.  Workers with a bachelor’s degree will earn almost $2.9 million between the time they enter the work force compared with less than $1.8 million for high school graduates.  I know someone said this before me.  Education is the key to a successful life.The Importance of a College Degree


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