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KBSI Perspective
I remember the days of the beeper.  The beep comes in, we look and sometime later depending on the immediate circumstances, we make the call.  The beeper for the most part is now over.  Texting, email, and talking on a cell phone are the new communications.  With it come the challenges of how to use all of this while driving.  Recently, Expedia’s 2014 Road Survey was released and the cell phone is the problem, or make that we are the problem with the cell phone.  The texter has taken the front seat of what is most annoying or offensive.  69% of drivers in the study say texting, emails, or talking on a cell phone while driving is number one.  There are certainly plenty of other offenses.  Tailgating or following too closely is a close second third is the the multitasker which includes eating, applying makeup, or reading.  The drifter comes in fourth.  The drifter straddles two lanes and weaves between them.  And, the one that I believe should rank higher on the list is the crawler.  The person driving well below the speed limit.  This one causes frustration and potential dangerous consequences by drivers trying to pass or get around them.  Almost every state is making it against the law to text but Missouri is still one of the holdouts.  Why, I don’t know.  Here’s the statistic that will make you pay attention.  In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 3,328 people died in distraction related crashes.Distracted Driving


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