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KBSI Perspective
Twenty years ago a friend of mine came to work sick.  I told him he should probably seek out an antibiotic from his doctor.  He said he had refrained from taking antibiotics for because of the concern about developing a resistance and he would only take them in a dire emergency.  Quite frankly, I thought he was wrong.  Hey, new drugs are on the market all the time, right?  Come to find out my friend was on target.  In fact, it was a bullseye.  Last week, the head of the Centers for Disease Control said that, “ Anti-microbial resistance has the potential to harm or kill anyone in the country…devastate our economy and make our health care system less stable.”  He was referring to a deadly family of bacteria that are nearly immune to antibiotics.  The news reports said that, “The World Health Organization reinforced the concern…that antibiotic resistant bacteria are widespread in every part of the world.”  Apparently, according to the CDC, there are now several bacteria that are resistant for common but serious diseases such as gonorrhea, pneumonia, and bloodstream infections.  The CDC says we now spend $20 billion a year just to combat the spread of resistant bacteria.  Apparently, as news reports quoted last week, the bugs are always evolving, even when the medicines are not.  Let’s be careful out there.Anti-microbial Resistance Antibiotic


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