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KBSI Perspective
Have you ever followed a pickup truck on the highway, knowing full well that the truck bed has been improperly loaded and something could strike your windshield?  Several years ago, I was following a truck on a two lane highway that had a ladder tied to the front of the truck but not to the back.  I watched in horror as the ladder swung out into the path of on-coming cars barely missing the windshields of the cars.  The ladder would swing back and forth and, within a few minutes, it smacked right into the windshield of a car, causing that driver to run into the ditch.  No major injuries, thank heavens, but plenty of damage and the mishap could have been deadly.  Last week a woman passenger in a car just missed having an ax in the face in this car when the ax flew off of a truck, smacked on the payment and then up into the window, landing on the dashboard.  That will wake you up in a heartbeat.  The driver of the truck was fined $200.  Not enough in my perspective.  I am sure you have had your share of moments behind the wheel wondering what would happen if that objects from a truck or open trunk carrying too much stuff might fly out and hit your windshield. I would be willing to bet that the lady sitting in the passenger side who almost was hit by an ax feels more regulations and heavier fines should be issued because of poor judgment by drivers.  What do you think?Safe Automotive Tie Downs


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