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KBSI Perspective
I have to hand it to the St. Louis Post Dispatch for an editorial two weeks ago that addressed how the various age groups in this country find trendy items to latch on to and discover things that other generations knew way before they were born.  The newspaper addressed my generation, the baby boomers who jumped into babies and real estate.  Did I say I had four?  Kids, not houses.  Remember, now that this is all from research by the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  If you came from Generation X it was food and beer.  The early Millennials have jumped into coffee and whiskey.  Once again television programming has had an impact with the program Mad Men.  Hey, I lived the 60’s.  I was Mad Men.  What’s the old saying, if you remember the 60’s you weren’t there.  The show has caused rye whiskey sales to skyrocket and this age bracket has developed a huge taste for whiskey bars and craft beers.  No problem, right.  Something new, right?  Wrong!  According to the newspaper some conglomerate named MGP Ingredients in Kansas distilling small-batch whiskey in large batches.  I am not sure but it is probably a baby boomer who remembers the 60’s and is making things trendy for the Millennials who think they know what is going on.  It reminds me what the James Bond series did for martinis.  Anyone remember the catchphrase, “shaken, not stirred.”  The last line of the editorial in the Post is worth reading. “A word to the trendy:  If a two year-old distillery is hyping a 8-year old whiskey, it might not be worth $28 a bottle.”  Trends & Generations


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