DeLoufleur Decor & Designs

1208 Donna Drive
Carterville, IL

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Clients can come in by appointment on Mondays or after hours.

Denise Fann Stoeckling owns DeLeflour Decor & Designs.

“We have really good products,” Fann Stoecklin said. “It’s affordable. It’s not throwaway stuff. It’s a purchase to last you for quite some time. My store isn’t totally brown and neutral. It’s got pink and purple in it! It’s a girl’s world!”

Deloufleur Decor & Designs is located between two major cities: Marion and Carbondale. Carterville is centrally located. To get to the store, take the Wolf Creek exit coming from Marion. Go across Route 13 on the overpass. Come up on Donna Drive.

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