Auto Tire and Parts

Auto Tire & Parts started in Cape Girardeau in 1909 with three employees. A new owner started growing the business in the 1940s and expanded in southeast Missouri. Now Auto Tire & Parts is in four states with nearly 60 locations.

It is still a family-owned company. Our number one value is our employees. Our goal is to have long term, highly satisfied employees who take care of long term, highly satisfied customers. We serve a lot of small towns, the most stores in the Heartland.

We grew up together. We go to church together. We play ball together. We coach together.

“It’s a nice thing that we can give back to our communities by making sure they have the parts that they need so the communities can grow,” said Greg Stroup, President of Auto Tire and Parts. “A lot of these towns, we’re the only store left. We’re proud to serve small towns. We love to serve our customers.”

Our vision is to set a standard of excellence for personal hometown service.

  1. Having employees with the most knowledgeable experienced people. Make sure you get the right part right away.
  2. Inventory – daily access to more than $100 million of inventory across our network.
  3. Most local stores

Chances are you’ve got a hometown Auto Tire and Parts somewhere near you. That allows us to take care of you with that personal touch. Our long-term employees know you. They can serve you how you like to be served. We’re happy to serve our customers and help keep our communities growing and strong.

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