Reed’s Metals

Reed’s Metals
Scott City, MO
Nick Reynolds, General Manager

At Reeds Metals, we sell a true 29-gauge panel. When you shop around, there is a big difference in that panel and the thickness. The industry says it’s ok to have various thicknesses for a 29-gauge. We only sell AZ50 or greater which meets international builder codes. That’s what makes our of important and the quality better than much of our competition.

We do metal roofing. We also manufacture and sell poll barn kits. What’s unique to our kits is it is not a wood truss. It is a metal truss system. That reduces labor costs in putting the buildings up. It gives more head room. Pre-engineered steel buildings as a company this year alone, we manufactured around 70-80 Dollar General stores.

Covering the Community program is a program we’ve been doing for quite some time. Every year we give away a free roof to somebody in need. In addition to that we partner with Songs 4 Soldiers out of Columbia, Illinois. We gave another roof away this year to a combat veteran in need.

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