West Kentucky Community & Technical College

There are a lot of great reasons to choose West Kentucky Community & Technical College. We have options for everyone!

Whether you are a student pursuing a technical credential that could be as little as a semester or a student who is using this as a springboard and wants to earn your associates degree to go to the next step, we really have something for everyone!

We have a lot of different ways to help students pay for college. Students are asked to fill out their FAFSA, the application for federal financial aid. We have programs like the Work Ready scholarship that supports our technical students. The Mackenzie Scott Opportunity Scholarship is for students up to 24 years old and students who may not get much FAFSA money and have a little extra need. There is also the Adult Promise Scholarship for students 25 and older for students who may not get as much traditional financial aid.

Full term for WKCTC started on August 15.

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