A royal makeover for princesses

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO. (KBSI) If you happen to be walking downtown Cape Girardeau you might have seen lots of royalty. 

Saturday the Discovery Playhouse and The Fairytale Essence put together an event to give little girls their own royal makeover. 

It was an opportunity for children to see their favorite Disney characters as well as put on kid-friendly make-up and have their hair done. 

Discovery Playhouse Executive Director Michael Toeniskoetter says this event is just beautiful to watch.  

“It’s a mix of emotions that runs through their face its excitement joys a little bit of beer cause they’re right there they don’t want to say anything funny or silly you know they want to impress their favorite Princess and it’s just beautiful to watch and as they sit down with their Princess get their makeover you can watch them just open up more and start sharing and it’s just watching the parent’s glow over it the memories that are made here is what matters,” said Toeniskoetter. 

For parents like Tiffany Fowler, seeing her daughter’s face light up is a big part of why the makeover event is so important. 

“I think it’s pretty important to experience that and things that they like to do and she loves to dress up and obviously the other girls like to dress up too so I think it’s pretty cool,” said Fowler. 

The Fairytale Essence Princess wants to help show the kids that they can have the Disney experience right in their area. 

“Think that it means that even in our small communities we have magic and fun and you don’t have to go out to the big cities just to find that,” said Fairytale Essence Princess. 

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