Heartland Harvest Church 9th Annual Back to School Bash-Pak

SIKESTON, Mo. (KBSI) – The 9th annual Back-to-School Pak for Heartland Harvest Church was Sunday. It was a Star Wars themed event with food, music, games and school supplies for the children.  

Heartland Harvest Church treasurer and event organizer Janet Millers says the event is especially important this year due to everything going on with inflation and people needing overall assistance.   

“We want to be able to help the community, especially this year things are really they’re really tough for everybody. Things are bad,” said Miller. 

Miller says the first event was small, but it grew over time and they keep going because they believe it is up to the community to help each other. 

“We feel like it’s not the role of the government, it’s up to the church to help the people, and so we just put it on every year and look back at the crowd. This year is going to be a success so we’re really excited,” said Miller. 

Heartland Harvest Church Pastor Todd Crumbley says the event wasn’t just open to people looking for a church but to everyone, because his church wants people to know they are there for everyone. 

“We just want to be here for our community and our community that we serve then we love Sikeston and community Scott County that we’re here for them anyway just not on this Sunday but every Sunday and every day of the week,” said Crumbley. 

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