Some tips for facing the anxiety of returning to school

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Back-to-school season is the start of many new things including a new season of sports, new friends, and many other new opportunities. But those new things can also bring new worries and anxiety. 

From starting a new grade to meeting new people the feeling can be understandable and Cape Central high school student counselor says it’s common for both students and parents to feel this way. 

“I think everybody has the first-day jitters and it’s always unsettling when it’s something new especially if you have a student that’s going to a new building transitioning from middle school to junior high or junior high to high school,” said Rash. 

Rash suggests building a routine with your child at night, as well as visiting your school open house to get familiar with the school’s layout and your child’s schedule, and teachers. 

“The necessary paperwork and start to calm down as far as knowing that’s all taken care of and then during those orientation days our students are able to walk the halls find where their classes are maybe they’ll see a teacher space or two and start to grow familiar with the adults that are going to be helping them through the year,” said Rash 

Rash and staff at Cape Central high say they just want to make school a safe and encouraging place for children to learn and grow. 

And build a support for all students. 

“And just know that the school is here to help advocate for your students and to be a resource for any concerns that you have that’s going on because if we know about something that’s going on with the kids then we can build a team and have that team mentality,” said Rash. 

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