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The purpose of PC Medical Centers is to improve the quality of patients’ lives without using medications, steroids or surgery.

Dr. Gregory Purselsy, D.C. is the owner of PC Medical Centers. He says…

“Our goal is to help them do that in a way that is less invasive or the least invasive as possible with better outcomes.

If you have pain, you have two options. You can go the traditional medical route. You can cover it up with meds, steroids or surgery or you can look at where the pain came from in the first place which is the malfunction. So if you’re having knee pain or shoulder pain or hip pain or back pain, it’s because there is a functional issue that is occuring and if you correct that functional issue over a six to 10 week period then it is corrected forever. Therefore, eliminating the pain and improving the quality of your life.

So that’s what makes us really unique is we’re using services and treatments that are working with the patient’s body in order to correct the actual funtional problem that is causing the damage which in turn causes the pain.

One of the things that’s really unique about the treatments that we provide here is that it is not based on a single doctor’s decision. Our team meets every single day to discuss the patients that we’re treating and make sure that they are always getting the results that they’re after.

Results are everything to us. We really base everything from what is the best possible outcome we can get for the patient or result and how can we maintain that result so that they don’t come back with the same problems in the future.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible. We want to help them improve the quality of their lives and really maximize their time.

Give us a call to book a new patient appointment. We do a free consulation. It costs nothing to come in and see how we can help you.

Our goal here is to work with the body as much as possible, provide natural resources with the injections that we do, with the joint mobilization, with the rehabilitation, with multiple providers working together to get that done.”

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