Shipyard Music Festival

The Shipyard Music Festival is September 22-23 in Cape Girardeau.

Jeff Rawson is an organizer of the music fest.

“The reputation that Shipyard has built over the past four years of bringing in these incredible artists from around the country while having some of our local folks too has built kind of this expectation of what Shipyard is and what you’ll hear and see when you arrive,” said Rawson. “In terms of sound, you’ll hear everything from Americana to funk to soul to country and just a little bit of everything in between. Hopefully it’s something that everyone can really enjoy.”

Shipyard’s a really unique experience here in Cape. It’s designed for everyone, really. We have things for the kids for families. We hear it all the time, they say, ‘It’s just feels so good. My kids are running around having a good time. I get to enjoy the music and the community and the people around us.’ So really it’s an event for everyone.

So beyond the music, fans that show up at the fest can really expect something unique. Some great local restaurants that set up special limited menus just for Shipyard.

Something else that is really exciting is our top level sponsors throughout the event. They build out experiences for folks to interact with. You’ll see lots of giveaways. You’ll see lots of games and things happening to interact with those brands and interact with those sponsors, but also just create some really unique experiences that only happen at Shipyard.

We’re really excited for year five of Shipyard. It’s been a lot of work to get here. We’re really excited for the community to come out and celebrate with us around things that we all really treasure, food and music and being together.”

Find more information and to buy tickets go to You can find the full lineup, the daily schedule of when everyone will play, the full schedule of kids’ events and more. If anyone has questions or wants to know what they can bring or can’t bring that’s all available on our website. One ticket gets you in and access all weekend.

We’ll see you at Shipyard, September 22 and 23!

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