Cape Girardeau Public Library celebrates 100th anniversary

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – It has been 100 years of serving Cape Girardeau, and many, many more to come.

Library Director Katie Earnhart said Cape Girardeau Public Library‘s 100th Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday allowed the community to gather and share in this milestone.

“We have lifelong patrons, and so we’re happy to be able to celebrate with them because this is not just about the staff,” she said. “It’s not just about the library. It’s about the community being able to celebrate such a milestone.” 

Library Board of Trustees President elect John McGowan said being a part of this celebration brought things full circle for him as it relates to his time on the board.

“As a board member, it’s just icing on the cake to have this celebration during my tenure on the board, having a hundred years of great history, great service to the community, and a great partnership with the city as well as the state, and putting your tax dollars to good use,” he said. “It’s not just children’s programs. We have adult programs. It’s everything, so I am really blessed to be a part of this celebration and a little cog in the wheel that makes this all go.”

Board of Trustees President Stacy Lane said there is always something for people to discover at the Cape Girardeau Public Library.

“There really is something for everyone in our community here,” she said. “Being on the board, serving on the Friends Foundation board before this, and being a longtime library patron myself, every day I feel like I learn something new about what this library provides and offers. It’s impressive as all get out what an amazing resource this library is for Cape Girardeau.” 

As part of the celebration, the library opened its new “Library of Things” where patrons can rent anything from telescopes to yard tools.

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