Jefferson Elementary students learn the process of germination

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Students at Jefferson Elementary School are becoming botanists, learning how to grow their own food.

Second grade teacher Mr. Cook was excited to share the new garden tower with the students.

“I love talking about healthy foods,” Mr. Cook said. “We do Fruit Friday in my classroom, where we try a different fruit every Friday.”

Mr. Cook uses real life activities in his lessons, where the kids can have hands on experience to learn from.

Cook was offered the chance to have the tower placed in his classroom and he was quick to agree.

“That machine doesn’t need soil,” said Jamichael, 2nd grade student. “We have special ingredients that help it grow.”

The garden tower is a vertical machine that has a self-timer for lighting and watering.

“I feel like a lot of kids these days don’t really have access to really healthy food or maybe they’re just not introduced to it,” Mr. Cook said.

From seeds to growing plants, the germination process took only five weeks.

Now the students are enjoying their supply of leafy green meals, that are nutritious for everyone.

Mr. Cook shares that the students are working on a sensory garden wall for everyone to use, along with working on building a goldfish pond for their school courtyard.

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