Pressure Makes Diamonds: Cape Central football looks ahead to tough schedule, aims to build momentum in 2022

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Kent Gibbs is entering his fourth season at the helm of the Cape Central High School football team.

At practice Thursday, he pointed to this season as a watermark for the progress the program has made during his tenure.

“Coming in, we had a pretty good group, played for a district championship, knew we were going to have a couple rough years,” he said. “This is the year we pointed to get back to where we want to be, and I think we’re headed in the right direction. We’ve got a lot of tough ballgames. We just need to play hard and try to get a little bit better every day.” 

Those tough ballgames include three straight road games before the Tigers’ home opener on Sept. 16. Week 5 will feature a date with Jackson, a team that has lost just three games in the last four seasons.

But after all, pressure makes diamonds.

“I think it’ll make us a lot stronger of a team because we’ll have a harder schedule,” senior offensive lineman Soren Janzow said. “I think our home games will be easier. We’ll be so used to having to struggle with away games that we’ll be fine at home.” 

Before the regular season opener on Aug. 26, the Tigers will play against Scott City, New Madrid and Kennett in a jamboree on Friday.

“We just need to get kids plays, get reps, get them on film, evaluate, see where we are heading into that first game,” Gibbs said. “Like I tell the kids, you’ve got to compete every day. If things are rosy, you won’t have that same starting lineup the second week as you do the first week, and so on down the line because guys are starting to get better.” 

And off the field, Gibbs said the players build confidence in addition to muscle in the weight room.

“[With] so many injuries, playing so many young kids, you kind of get pushed around a little bit,” he said. “We get a little bit stronger, doing a little bit better in that regard. I think it just gives kids confidence.” 

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