Above average for some time (11/6/22)

Temperatures above average are the theme of the next several hours and the next several days. More cloud cover to our southeast will keep western Kentucky and western Tennessee warmer to start the day on Monday, but mostly clear skies and calm winds will allow everyone else to see temperatures drop to the mid-40s.

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But by the early morning hours, winds will rapidly pick up out of the northeast with gusts from 25-30 miles per hour, keeping us a bit cooler overall tomorrow as we see an increase in clouds come up from the south throughout the day as well.

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High temperatures throughout the region will climb to the upper 60s and 70s in a few areas, but again, we will be above average for some time to come. Only a few degrees above average to start the week on Monday, but much more than that as we get later in the week.

Dma Tomorrow High

Normal temperatures for this time of year are in the lower 60s, but upper 70s are likely by Wednesday as we stay dry. Winds will eventually shift out of the south, helping the warm up during the middle of the week.

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Meteorologist Jessica Blum

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