Another round moving through (2/1/23)

2022 Kbsi

An Ice Storm Warning is in place through 6AM Thursday and a Winter Weather Advisory is in place through AM Thursday.
It is best to assume roads may be icy in spots, especially untreated roadways. Meanwhile, more snow, freezing rain, and sleet is possible this late afternoon into late this evening and early Thursday morning. This will create even more ice and treacherous roadways.
Travel will be difficult to impossible in spots.
Below are the different times wintry weather will impact our area. You’ll notice most of the precipitation will be to the south, but some light drizzle and light snow may make it as far north as Cape Girardeau and Paducah. Again, travel will be difficult at times.
9PM Wednesday
Various Model 2 Clouds And Precip9
Midnight Thursday
Various Model 2 Clouds And Precip12
6AM Thursday
Various Model 2 Clouds And Precip6am
11AM Thursday
Various Model 2 Clouds And Precip11
9PM Thursday
9 2
Storm Alert Team Chief Meteorologist
Rusty Dawkins
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