Back to normal for temperatures (9/22/22)

3 7 Day Forecast

After a few days of incredible heat, we have finally cooled off and will stay closer to normal for a while. Temperatures will be in the middle 70s to end the week, into the lower 80s for the weekend, then back into the 70s for next week.

Precipitation chances are going to be held to only one day and that’s on Saturday. Even then, we’re not expecting much in the way of rainfall potential. After Saturday, we’ll be dry for quite a while.

Skeeter Meter

Because of the rain chance Saturday and the increased heat potential, I have the Skeeter Meter in the “medium” range for the weekend. That will likely go back to low for much of next week!

Pumpkin Pickin Forecast

If you’re headed out this weekend to do some pumpkin picking, you may have to dodge a few rain drops Saturday, but Friday and Sunday are looking pretty good!

KBSI Chief Meteorologist
Rusty Dawkins


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