Cooler next few days with precipitation likely

Thursday will be a stormy day with cool temperatures expected to only reach the upper 50s and lower 60s. We warm up on Friday into the upper 60s and we will see a brief pause in precipitation. Saturday warms up even more and the chance for rain comes back.



Thursday stays on the cooler side only warming up to the lower 60s we will be seeing more temperatures in the 50s throughout the day. Storms are likely throughout Thursday with light wind 5-10 from the northeast.



Thursday stays a little on the cooler side with lower 60s and upper 50s as the highs for the day.



Storms are likely throughout the day we will be seeing rain first by 6:00 am then possible thunderstorms by the afternoon. It will continue to storm as we head into the evening hours.



Storms are likely Thursday we have a quick precipitation break on Friday, temperatures warm up to the upper 60s on Friday and Saturday. More rain comes back for Saturday before drying up and cooling back down Sunday and Monday. There is a chance to see more sun both Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures warming back into the 70s on Wednesday.


Weather Forecaster

Krista Chang

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