Slightly cooler on Friday, with showers and possible thunderstorms throughout the day

Friday cools down as temperatures dip into the 60s, a storm system makes its way through the FOX23 coverage area with our western and southern counties mainly seeing the heavier showers and possible thunderstorms. Saturday starts the warming trend with temperatures in the 80s throughout the weekend and incoming week. The chance for storms increases Sunday with possible scattered showers expected to arrive throughout the day.



Friday will be a cool and dreary day, as a storm system makes its way east of us many in Missouri and NE Arkansas will see showers and possible thunderstorms in the early morning hours that will then lighten up in the evening hours. Southern Illinois, western Kentucky and NW Tennessee counties will have plenty of chances to see more rainfall themselves in the forecast the next few days.



Both Missouri and NE Arkansas are expected to see more rainfall totals compared to southern Illinois and western Kentucky. Overall the rainfall totals are expected to range from .22″ to a little under an inch for Friday with more precipitation forecasted in the incoming days.



An hourly look at Friday, with the continuous precipitation our morning temperatures start nearly 10 degrees warmer than what we saw the past two days. Our lows are expected to be in the 50s.  We will not warm up a whole lot Friday, we will be staying on the cooler side with temperatures in the 60s.



Friday’s temperatures ultimately stay below average for this time of year. Although temporary, our highs will only reach the 60s with few seeing temperatures in the lower 70s.



Friday will be the coolest day out of the next seven with temperatures only reaching the 60s, showers and possible thunderstorms are expected throughout the day Friday. We warm up into the 80s Saturday lasting throughout the end of next week. Possible isolated showers are expected on Saturday with a chance for storms Sunday into next week. We will see on and off dry periods throughout the next few days followed by precipitation.


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Krista Chang

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