Drying out and warming up (11/5/22)

Beneficial rainfall amounts over an inch for a good portion of our area were seen Saturday morning. Some of the totals were over an inch and a half even following the system that moved through to start the weekend.

While the rain was much needed for how dry we have become in terms of drought, we will not see many rain chances to come in the near future.

2022 Kbsi

Winds have calmed and will remain out of the south as low temperatures Saturday evening into Sunday morning stay in the low to mid 40s. Some patchy fog on Sunday morning will also be possible in the early hours of the day before we clear out for some sun and warmer weather.

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To close out the first weekend in November, we will take a run at 70-degree temperatures, but heading into next week, we will continue to warm up as 70s are sure to make their return.

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Right around 2 a.m. tonight will be the time to set those clocks back, or rather, right before you head to bed as we gain an hour of sleep but lose out on another hour of sunlight. Following Sunday, we will see a mix of sun and clouds on Monday as we start another dry week with little to no rain in the forecast for some time.

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Meteorologist Jessica Blum

FOX 23 Storm Alert Team

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