Eyeballing our next chance for rain (7/14/22)

We continued the streak of warm and dry weather on Thursday. High temperatures were in the 90s for most, and an area of high pressure was able to keep storms out of the picture.

We continue this trend over the next couple of days. High temperatures should be in the 90s for everyone once again. We’re forecasting a high of 95° in Cape Girardeau.

Kbsi Dma High Temperature

We should be mostly sunny all day on Friday, although a few more clouds may filter in during the afternoon and evening.

Friday should be mostly dry, although a few versions of Stormcast have hinted at a very small chance for a stray shower during the late afternoon and evening in some areas. There will not be a lot of “juice” for these storms to work with, so any showers will likely be the exception as opposed to the rule.

While it will be hot on Friday and Saturday, dew points remain in the 60s. The humidity will likely be noticeable, but not as oppressive as it has felt on some days in recent weeks. We have our Skeeter Meter in “Medium” territory through Saturday.

Skeeter Meter

On Saturday night, Mother Nature opens the door for a few disturbances to come our way. Our next best potential for rainfall comes late Saturday and into Sunday. As a result, we have to put the Skeeter Meter in the “Ugh” category on Sunday given the standing water potential.

7 Day Forecast

Meteorologist Malcolm Byron
FOX 23 Storm Alert Team

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